People of ACI – Stevie Adams – Component Sales – ACI
Stevie Adams - Component Salesman
  • April 01, 2024

Our ‘People of ACI’ series is back to shine a light on the remarkable individuals who bring their passion and expertise to our workplace every day, contributing to a culture that goes beyond the ordinary. This time, we’re delighted to introduce a true ACI veteran, Stevie Adams, whose journey and achievements with us are nothing short of inspiring!

Being a part of the ACI family for 27 years is Stevie Adams’s favorite aspect of his job. Positions in Drafting, Customer Service, Shipping, and Sales have afforded Adams the opportunity to thoroughly understand the metal building business. His public-facing roles at trade shows, job fairs, and in outside sales, combined with the family environment at ACI, have deepened his love for the work. Now in his second year of developing ACI’s Accelerated Cold Form Buildings business—a project he has been involved with from the start—Stevie counts this among his proudest achievements at the company. However, helping communities rebuild after natural disasters is his true badge of honor.

Another badge he proudly wears is that of a part-time deputy for the Panola County Sheriff’s Department, where he extends his commitment to service, supporting yet another community and another family—his own. Through his dedication and service, Stevie Adams not only exemplifies the values we hold dear at ACI but also inspires all of us to strive for excellence and community engagement. His story is a testament to the impact one individual can have, making him a cherished member of the ACI family.