People of ACI – Michael Blue – ACI
  • October 10, 2022

Our ‘People of ACI’ feature highlights a number of outstanding employees who help make ACI a truly special place. These features will focus on these unique individuals’ history with our company, achievements, personality, successes, challenges, and more. This week we’re featuring our very own Michael Blue!


Main Frame Production Supervisor

Michael Blue is a worker. Learning the manufacturing business from the ground up, he not only learned how to do his job, he also learned about what makes a good company, and what makes a special company.

About his job, his approach of being an asset, coming to work and doing the best he could every day rewarded him with a supervisor title in a little over 3 years. And about the company, he sees ACI as special in that there are good people who challenge, encourage and push to be the best you can be, while supporting every step of the way.

His work ethic, and work continue once he’s punched the clock at ACI. A self-taught carpenter and handyman, Michael has run a handyman business in his off hours for years. It’s good for security and good for the soul. In the little time he’s not working, he loves to fish and spend time with his wife, who he credits for being the rock in the family.

Michael has come a long way since his one-time job of building caskets. If you ask him, he’s got a long way to go.