People of ACI – Kelvin Tellis – ACI
  • August 08, 2022

Our ‘People of ACI’ feature highlights a number of outstanding employees who help make ACI a truly special place. These features will focus on these unique individuals’ history with our company, achievements, personality, successes, challenges, and more. This week, we’re featuring the one and only Kelvin Tellis!


Component Production

Kelvin Tellis is a builder. He is proud to be at ACI because the company is literally, and figuratively building the world around us. He enjoys being part of that process.

Among the most respected supervisors at ACI, the Component Production chief is sometimes amazed at what the company has done, all out of Batesville, MS. But it’s easy to see how its happened, when you realize the teamwork and family culture experienced daily at the shop. Kevin loves coming to work, and laughing with colleagues, all while producing top-of-the-line products. That same family feeling is evident outside the walls of ACI and throughout the community.

It is his actual family that Kelvin is passionate about, however. Extending from his role model mother to now a family of five, spending time with his family and just enjoying life is what its all about for Kelvin Tellis.