People of ACI – Kathy Henson – Drafting Administrative Assistant – ACI
  • March 25, 2024

Our ‘People of ACI’ spotlight returns to showcase the exceptional individuals whose dedication and talent make ACI not just a workplace, but a community. Each story offers a window into the personal journeys, milestones, and character that shape our collective identity. This week, we turn the spotlight on the incomparable Kathy Henson!

For Kathy Henson, she is in the relationship business. In her position at ACI she gets to enjoy relationships with customers as well as co-workers in all areas of the company. Henson knows the company inside-and-out and always embraces the opportunity to learn more. Integral in ACI’s transition to an all-digital workplace, Henson is excited about the time and money savings the electronic switch has had on the company.

Her relationships outside the office include husband Lamar, daughters Courtney and Mollie and five beautiful grandchildren. She loves hunting, fishing, horseback riding and watching her oldest granddaughter play competitive softball, where she also keeps a good relationship with umpires. Well, as good as one can with umpires. We’re indeed fortunate to have someone as outstanding as Kathy on our team.