People of ACI – John Hudson – Maintenance – ACI
People of ACI - John Hudson in Maintenance
  • May 28, 2024

Welcome to another feature in our ‘People of ACI’ series. Today, we’re spotlighting John Hudson from our maintenance team, whose broad skills and can-do attitude are indispensable around here.

Describing John Hudson’s job at ACI can be tricky because he does some of everything everywhere throughout the company. Be it supervising the panel line or the trim shop or rebuilding the Bradbury Press or any number of 100 other things, if it’s broke, John Hudson fixes it. Hudson is a people person, which you must be in his position, because every time he shows up at your office, something is generally wrong, and your job is being disrupted. Not surprisingly, Hudson claims it’s the good people he works with that makes ACI a special place. He has a sterling shot glass collection at home and an even more sterling attitude about his job preaching a mantra of keep your head up, be patient, and always be willing to learn something new. Grab a shot glass, we’ll drink to that.

John’s knack for problem-solving and his positive outlook make him a true asset to ACI. Whether he’s on the floor or sharing a laugh about his shot glass collection, John embodies the spirit of teamwork and resilience that we hold dear. Cheers to John, a valued member of our ACI family!