People of ACI – Jim Marks – Engineering – ACI
People of ACI - Jim Marks
  • May 13, 2024
Our ‘People of ACI’ series proudly showcases the individuals whose dedication and expertise make our company exceptional. Today, we spotlight Jim Marks, an Engineer whose passion for the metal industry and knack for navigating complex projects have been a driving force at ACI for over three decades.
The fast-paced action, the interstate commerce, and the sense of pride in completed projects are what drew Jim Marks to the metal business 35 years ago. With jobs in several states, Marks may work on projects for hours, days, and even a couple of weeks, but then it’s off to the next project in the next part of the company. He likes the pace and the distinct challenges of each project. Marks’ close relationships with the Engineering Service, Drafting, and Project Management teams in an environment without proverbial walls are what have kept him at ACI. Each project presents challenges, but also rewards for a job well done. His favorite project was a warehouse built on the gulf coast that housed and protected the banana crop before showing up ripe at your grocery store.
When not at work, the banana fan is a car collector and maintains and shows his antique truck. Jim’s diverse interests and commitment to excellence not only define his professional legacy but also enrich our ACI community. His ability to blend experience with passion makes him a valued member of our team and a mentor to many who follow in his footsteps.