People of ACI – Derek Embrey – ACI
  • July 26, 2022

Our ‘People of ACI’ feature highlights a number of outstanding employees who help make ACI a truly special place. These features will focus on these unique individuals’ history with our company, achievements, personality, successes, challenges, and more. This week, we’re featuring a welder extraordinaire, Derek Embrey. We hope you enjoy!


Derek Embrey

Main Frame Production Welder

Derek Embrey is a welder’s welder. He takes great pride in his work, his work ethic and the work that ACI turns out every day. His professionalism shines through in his mantra, to get better at his job every day.

His approach to his job is what Derek is passing on to his son, a shining example of the benefits of hard work, and how it defines your life.

Originally a painter, Derek always wanted to be a welder and was trained and tutored at ACI where became a welder extraordinaire for his work family. Derek touts friendliness and kindness as the traits that make ACI a family away from home.

When he is away from work- home, Derek loves to fish and hunt, hooking catfish and crappie being his favorite.

A welder extraordinaire, it could be said that Derek helps hold the company together.