People of ACI – David Allen – Component Sales – ACI
David Allen - Component Sales
  • April 25, 2024

Our ‘People of ACI’ series is proud to spotlight the dedicated individuals who make our company thrive. This edition introduces David Allen, a seasoned member of our Component Sales team, whose extensive experience and adaptability have been instrumental to our success over the years.

A lot has changed in the metal industry in David Allen’s 25 years in the business. From the economy to COVID era material shortages, high prices, and supply chain issues to overall customer service and satisfaction, staffing fulfillment, and work ethic, Allen has seen and adapted to it all. One thing that hasn’t changed in that time is the “family” feeling he gets every day when he walks into ACI from both co-workers and long-time customer relationships. He doesn’t have a favorite project but does feel a kindred spirit with Prescott Metal Works, who he works with on a weekly basis. When not kicking it around ACI, Allen has become quite the gardener with his own greenhouse and growing a myriad of his own plants, all under the watchful eye of his 60 chickens, six ducks, and a handful of goats.

David’s ability to navigate industry changes while maintaining close connections reflects the core values of ACI. His dedication to his work and his passion for gardening are just parts of what make him a valued member of our team. We celebrate David’s contributions to ACI and the unique energy he brings to our community.