Our Experience at MetalCon 2022 – ACI
  • October 28, 2022


As the only global event dedicated exclusively to the application of metal in design and construction, METALCON is the largest and most prestigious show on the metal calendar. 
Home to the Indianapolis 500, host city Indy knows a thing or two about largest and most prestigious and welcomed metalheads from around the world to the Brickyard, Team ACI among them.
Keeping with the racing theme, ACI ran a great race. Here are some of the highlights:


Despite being a first-time exhibitor at the conference, our booth stood out among the rest. Slick and streamlined with functional beauty, our brand was the star of the show, supported by marketing messages and brand color coordinated throughout. Our booth was designed to “show us off,” mission accomplished. 


Our goals for the conference were simple but multifaceted. Identify and connect with prospects, vendors, suppliers, and any industry professionals that could help ACI advance business through any number of revenue streams. To that end, we feel we had an exceptional show.

Prospects – We identified numerous prospects for our Accelerated Building and Mini Warehouse business.

Vendors – We identified numerous alternate vendors for our critical components business that has had supply chain issues.

Suppliers – Collaborated with several supplies on new business leads, cranes, hangar doors, insulation, and specialty panels.

Others – Identified organizations to inroad us into the multi-story and self-storage business.


You can’t ask for much more out of Keynote speakers who are informative, insightful, and motivational. Speakers each day were. Professional development was individualized through classes, clinics, and open forums with industry leaders.

In summation, METALCON 2022 was a checkered flag win-win for ACI. It was a great branding and networking event and allowed us to make deals, and relationships with colleagues from around the world.

We look forward to working with our new partners and continued success with our existing associates. Let’s build something together!