FEATURED PROJECT: Wade Inc. John Deere – Grenada, MS – ACI
  • November 27, 2023

We’re thrilled to roll out the ‘green carpet’ for our latest featured project – Wade Inc., a towering John Deere dealership in Grenada, MS. Spanning over 21,000 square feet and built with a hefty 145 tons of steel, this structure is as robust as the tractors it houses.

John Deere Green, ACI Steel Strong

  • Roof and Wall Panels: Topped with 24g Stratoshield Galvalume roof panels and wrapped in a mix of 24g and 26g wall panels, this building is as sturdy as a Deere but doesn’t require four wheels to stand tall.
  • Extra Features: With a 10-0 project canopy, a skew endwall, and a 27-0 high parapet, the building almost reaches the height of a John Deere’s ambitions – sky-high! Plus, a 7 ½ ton crane ensures that lifting heavy equipment feels like lifting a pitchfork.
  • Interior Strength: The 26g PBR Liner Panel lines the interior, making it tough enough to withstand even a stampede of Deere.

Not Your Average Barn

This isn’t just a building; it’s a temple for tractors, a palace for plows. Every beam and panel has been meticulously placed with the precision of a farmer planting seeds in the spring.

ACI Building Systems: Building the Extraordinary

At ACI, we don’t just construct buildings; we cultivate landmarks. The Wade Inc. facility is a testament to our commitment to durability and functionality, with a sprinkle of John Deere charm. For more details or to start your own project (tractor not included), please contact us.