FEATURED PROJECT: New Life Church – Santa Rosa Beach, FL – ACI
  • February 02, 2023

Featured Project: New Life Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

When building a structure in Florida, it must be built to weather, well, the weather. When encountering the oft-seen “act of God,” it is also evident that the “house of God” must remain available for community worship, shelter, and comfort. When completed, the New Life Church in Santa Rosa, FL will be just that. ACI engineered steel is already in place and providing a building foundation as strong as it’s parishioner’s faith. ACI provided over 250 tons of steel for New Life’s 32,000 square foot main building and 13 adjoining structures. The steel in place will be Category IV Essential and sustain up to 160 MPH wind loads with 12 PSF collateral loads and support a 3,000-pound video screen.

On the aesthetic side, the entire facility is being built with strategic Biblical inspiration throughout the complex. The outdoor fountain and baptismal will be fed with water issuing from a rock, and the entryway into the facility itself will set the tone of the sacredness of the structure. Parishioners will pass through five pillars (symbolic of the ancient tabernacle), and upon entering the foyer, worshipers will be met with a chandelier in the shape of the burning bush from the book of Exodus. As worshippers make their journey toward the sanctuary, the interior wall of the foyer leading to the worship auditorium will mimic the Western Wall being comprised of smooth tile. The sanctuary and children’s areas will be modern and state-of-the-art while the exterior will be comprised of stucco and Jerusalem stone, blending the ancient and modern worlds.

New Life Church, built on faith and a lot of steel from ACI. From concept to completion, we’ll ensure your next project is done right and on time. Contact us today to get started on your next project.