FEATURED PROJECT: Back Forty Sporting Goods – Grenada, MS – ACI
  • January 15, 2024

In Mississippi’s heart, where outdoor passion runs deep, ACI introduces Back Forty Sporting Goods in Grenada, MS. This 17,600 square foot ultimate outdoor hub, launched in November 2022, showcases our commitment to excellence. Constructed with 50 tons of steel, it’s designed for durability and adventure.

Back Forty Sporting Goods is an oasis for hunting, fishing, and boating enthusiasts. We utilized 26g PBR Galvalume and Charcoal Gray wall panels, ensuring strength and aesthetic harmony with nature. The store’s design, featuring a high parapet and skew endwall, blends functionality with visual appeal, standing resilient against Mississippi’s weather.

Inside, the store reflects the great outdoors, with a layout that highlights an array of outdoor gear. Our meticulous management ensured this project was completed on time, adhering to the highest standards.

Back Forty Sporting Goods, a testament to ACI’s precision and care, is more than a store – it’s a symbol of outdoor adventure. Embarking on a project like this? Contact ACI to bring your vision to life, ensuring it’s done right, on time, every time.