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LEED® Certification

LEED® Certification
Only commercial buildings are eligible to become LEED® 2.2 and 3.0 certified.  Existing buildings and homes may be eligible for other LEED® certifications.  See the USGBC website for additional information on other LEED® categories.

Benefits of Certification
Certification as a LEED® Building can be beneficial in many ways including:

Certification Process
The LEED® certification process begins by registering the project with the USGBC.  The project may be registered early in the design phase.  The process begins by identifying the project goals and the partners such as the general contractor, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and the pre-engineered steel building supplier.  The Project Administrator will register the project at the USGBC website and will be the point of contact for the USGBC for the project.  Partners on the project will be responsible for providing supporting documentation submittals as required to achieve the required points in the certification process.  ACI Building Systems has the proper documentation to support several LEED® credits for your building project.

Points may come from many areas but building code requirements, zoning and local requirements take precedent over the LEED® program requirements. Points are available in the following categories:

ACI Building Systems as part of your LEED® Building Project
ACI Building Systems building package can be used to earn points toward LEED® Certification.  The program areas that ACI Building Systems products may contribute toward earning the required credits to achieve LEED® Certification are as follows:

Sustainable Sites LEED® 2.2 and LEED® 3.0 SS Credit 5.1 (1 point)

Limit the size of site disturbance as specified by

ACI Building Systems is fully shop fabricated, allowing for minimal site disturbance.  The building package can be shipped when site space and conditions will allow, so that disturbed areas used for unloading and staging are minimized.  The building package may also be phased to minimize site disturbance.  Contact your ACI Building Systems representative for pricing and availability of phasing shipments. 

Sustainable Sites LEED® 2.2 SS and LEED® 3.0 SS Credit 7.2 (1 point)
Roofing material must have a Solar Reflective Index (SRI) that is greater than those shown in the table below based on the roof slope for a minimum of 75% of the roof surface. 

Roof Type

Roof Slope

Solar Reflective Index

Low Slope Roof

Less than or equal to 2:12


Steep Slope Roof

Greater than 2:12


ACI Building Systems can provide roof panel with paint systems and colors that meet the requirements of this LEED® credit.  See the ACI Building Systems LEED Product Data Sheet SS 7.2 for colors and applicable roof slope.

Energy and Atmosphere LEED® 2.2 and LEED® 3.0 EA Prerequisite 2
The building energy efficiency must be built to ASHRE Standard 90.1 or the local code, which ever is more stringent.  

ACI Building Systems can provide insulation systems with in-place R values up 12 for walls and 10 for roofs help achieve this prerequisite. See ACI Building Systems LEED PRODUCT DATA SHEET EA Prerequisite 2 for information on the insulation system that ACI Building Systems can provide with the building system package.

Energy and Atmosphere LEED® 2.2 and LEED® 3.0 EA Credit 1 (1 to 10 points for LEED® 2.2 and 1 to 19 points for LEED® 3.0)
Achieve levels of energy performance above the standard for current building practices to reduce the size (energy demand) and cost of heating and cooling systems.

ACI Building Systems can contribute to the overall reduction in the size (energy demand) of heating and cooling systems by using improved insulation systems and by the use of highly reflective roof and wall covering and improved insulation systems.  See ACI Building Systems LEED Product Data Sheet EA Prerequisite 2 and ACI Building Systems LEED Product Data Sheet SS 7.2 for information needed to compute thermal performance and energy demand computations.

Materials and Resources LEED® 2.2 and LEED® 3.0 Recycled Content MR Credit 4.1 and 4.2 (Up to 2 Points)
Use material with recycled content such that the sum of the post-consumer recycled content plus one-half of the pre-consumer content constitutes at least 5 percent of the total value of the materials in the project.

ACI Building Systems primary frames, secondary structural members and structural sheeting are produced from highly recycled material.  See the ACI Building Systems LEED Product Data Sheet MR 4.1 and MR 4.2 for the recycled content of ACI Building Systems materials.  Also, see the Recycled Content Data Sheet produced by the American Iron and Steel Institute for information on recycled content of steel products.

Materials and Resources LEED® 2.2 and LEED® 3.0 Regional Materials MR Credit 5.1 and 5.2 (Up to 2 Points)
Minimum of 10% or 20% of the building materials and products (base on cost) must be manufactured regionally, within a 500 mile radius.

LEED® Credit

Regionally Manufactured Material (%)

Points Earned

MR Credit 5.1

10% Regionally Manufactured Material

1 Point

MR Credit 5.2

20% Regionally Manufactured Material

1 Point

The material used for these credits must be extracted, harvested, recovered and manufactured within 500 miles of the site.  Project location will determine if this credit is applicable.
ACI Building Systems is uniquely positioned to provide the total building package.    ACI is located in Batesville Mississippi and is within a 500 mile radius of Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Indianapolis, Dayton, Kansas City and Oklahoma City.

ACI Building Systems manufactures a complete building package for most building projects.  In those cases the cost of the building package can be directly calculated as a percentage of the building materials cost.

Occasionally, subcontracted structural components such as open web steel joist may be supplied by ACI Building Systems as part of the building package.  In those cases contact ACI Building Systems LEED® Green Associate to provide a statement of the manufacturing location and value of the subcontracted structural component for use in determining the percentage of regionally manufactured materials applicable for MR Credit 5.1 and 5.2.

If your building site is within 500 miles of ACI Building Systems manufacturing facility in Batesville Mississippi, the material supplied by ACI will contribute toward this credit.

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