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ACI Building Systems LEED® Building Program

ACI Building Systems is uniquely positioned to provide the total building package.    ACI is located in Batesville Mississippi and is within a 500 mile radius of Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Indianapolis, Dayton, Kansas City and Oklahoma City.

ACI Building Systems manufactures a complete building package for most building projects.  In those cases the cost of the building package can be directly calculated as a percentage of the building materials cost.

Occasionally, subcontracted structural components such as open web steel joist may be supplied by ACI Building Systems as part of the building package.  In those cases contact ACI Building Systems LEED® Green Associate to provide a statement of the manufacturing location and value of the subcontracted structural component for use in determining the percentage of regionally manufactured materials applicable for MR Credit 5.1 and 5.2.

If your building site is within 500 miles of ACI Building Systems manufacturing facility in Batesville Mississippi, the material supplied by ACI will contribute toward this credit.

ACI Building Systems, Inc.
10125 Highway 6 West
Batesville MS 38606
Latitude N 34º 17’ 45”
Longitude W 90º 2’ 46”

500 Mile Radius of ACI Building Systems

P.O. Box 1316
10125 Highway 6 West

Batesville MS 38606
Building Division
Roofing Division



ACI Building Systems LEED Building Package